Laurinda's Pathfinder

Vancaskerkin Acquired

With the information provided by the Tower Girl, we are sure that to catch Nataliya we must await her return to the house where Fenster pointed us. So we visited again and was able to catch her, with Shoga’s speed and grappling skill. After capturing Vancaskerkin and bringing her back to Sheila , who seemed to know how to fix the shard so that it no longer causes the madness, Nataliya filled us in on how she came by the shard and where to find the rest of the Tower Girls.

It appears that the ’Girls, at least some of them, are wererats. The are holed up in the Crow, a sort of dungeon built on the inside of one of the supports of the Irrispan. By focusing my thoughts and clearing my head while handling the now safe Shard, I get a vision pointing us to the 2nd shard of the Sihedron in the Crow. Before we make our way to the Crow, we have one loose end to clear up, this slave ring. After some hunting about for clues, we discover that we can meet with the slaver at midnight at a run down abandoned tavern on the docks. Assuming this may be a trap we arrived early and set an ambush. Yes, Socotra climed on the roof again, and we waited in the pitch black for our friend to arrive. We caught him quite easily, it turns out that he was attempting to kidnap new pathfinder agents, like ourselves, to sell to the Aspis Consortium. We got a decent reward for turning this criminal in to the watch. We set off for the Crow in the morning.

-Fjiola Derexhi



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