Laurinda's Pathfinder

The box

Plenty of spoilers for Shattered Star

So Sheila of the Heidmarch’s is now the Venture Captain of Varisia for the Pathfinder Society? What’s the world coming too. I just recently joined after Uncle Derexhi has disowned me for refusing a commission to hurt… well that’s not anyone’s business but mine and his.

Our first assignment was to wait in a room with a box. I met a red headed girl calling her self Shoga and she had some very interesting weapons, I think she hails from Tian Xia. George is quite the character, if I didn’t know better I’d check my pockets and pack multiple times a day when he was around. Socotra appears to be a stalwart archer and her ranged support should make for excellent assistance in upcoming battles. Also along for the wait was an inquisitor of Sarenrae, those guys are sorta creepy in their zeal to spread Sarenrae’s glory but should prove quite handy in a fight. Finally there is Jothander, I feel a strange attraction to him, is it possible he shares my affinity to the celestial planes? He appears to have spell component pouches but wields an impressive sword.

Well on to the box. The runes covering it seem to slide around, and it appears the only way to open it is to rearrange the “letters” to spell out the “password”. Jothander quickly realized the word was money in some ancient Thassilonian dialect. Once he arranged the runes in the right order the box sprang open and 2 pugwampi leaped out and started havoc around the room. We quickly dispatched the little gremlins and recieved a taste of Shoga’s finesse with that exotic sword. Inside the box we discovered some garnets and a Very Nice silver dagger, and a ring.

Sheila was quite congratulatory and assigned us a real mission; though it sounds more appropriate for the city watch. She wants us to find Nataliya Vancaskerkin, or at least the object she was supposed to acquire, for the Pathfinder Society. She gave us two leads to follow up on. We set out right away to track her down.

-Fjiola Derexhi



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