Laurinda's Pathfinder

Leprosy and Whips, Oh My!

Where to begin? This has been an adventurous and quite dangerous afternoon. I burned through so many channels I thought I might be beginning to test Saranrae’s patience. Ah but to the story.

With our freshly gathered information about the situations in Magnimar, we head off to the carnival to discuss the recent disappearances with the fortune teller there. He demanded a bribe which we payed. Professor ___ explained to us that he was a fairly close friend with Natalaya and believes that she was taken like the others that keep disappearing. He also is quite sure the disappearances are not a plot of the Scarnzi. Though he explains that the people who go missing, are pretty much only the poor and downtrodden of the city and the Watch really doesn’t care about them. While we questioned the Scarnzi carnie, Bwak snuck around and snatched back our money and some other goodies.

Next, we investigated the warehouse where Fenster, the Blight resides. (I wonder why he’s called the Blight? Must be some curious gang name to strike fear into the heart of regular people). When we arrived, a chest with a small offering plate in front of it directs us to pay and wait. We plop some silvers into the tray and after several minutes nothing happens. I hate to say it but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened the chest. Then we finally met Fenster… oh the horrible smell… After a quick bit of combat to subdue the poor fellow, since he attacked me and spread a disease to Shoga, he explains that the blue dwarfies are kidnapping people down by the waterfront at night. After some questioning and thinking we determine that somethings called Derros appear to be responsible for the disappearances. However he doesn’t have a good lead on the Tower Girls but directs us to an abandoned house that Vancaskerkin seems to be using.

Socotra climbs up on the roof of the building to get a good vantage, but is instead whipped to submission by the Tower Girl who was waiting to ambush Natalaya. Luckily Shoga and Jothrina where able to capture her before she got away. While Bwak and the creepy inquisitor bust into the lower part of the house to find three mercenaries with morning stars waiting for us. Bwak falls down a lot, especially after being hit with a mace and I pray to Sarenrae a lot to keep the party functioning, and after a while Joth and Shoga come back to help us defeat the mercenaries. We heal up just a bit more and then all trek back to Heidmarch Manor to question the Tower Girl more and rest up for more adventuring in the morning.

-Fjiola Derexhi



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