Laurinda's Pathfinder

Interview with a Watch Officer

More spoilers from Shattered Star

Per Sheila’s instructions we began to investigate the disappearance of that Vancaskerkin woman. Those Vancaskerkins are always in the middle of the messes in Varisia. We proceeded to the watch station and discussed the missing people with the Watch Commander. We explained that we believe that Nataliya is responsible for the theft of Bwak’s “piece of glass that shines like the eastern star at four in the morning” and that we are attempting to catch up to her.

We learn that Nataliya was a member of a group of thieving women, named the Tower Girls and they recently had a falling out with the Rekrosh Blades another criminal organization and had to relocate there hideout. Their former headquarters was in an abandoned warehouse in Underbridge which they shared with Fenster, the Blight. The watch doesn’t have enough evidence to act against the Tower Girls so are unable to assist further on that matter.

We also learn that the rumors of the slavers is false and the Captain indicates that all kinds of people disappear in Magnimar and not for suspicious reasons. However after a little more pressing we discover that the people that have gone missing are returned and have been tortured by foul magic and their memories are gone. The Captain points out that a lot of the missing people seem to show up near the carnival.

As we leave the Watch house we take careful note of the bounty board, in case we need to make some extra funds while in the grand city of Magnimar.

- Fjiola Derexhi



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